Takatoki (=Toki) Migimatsu

2010 - Takatoki Migimatsu played at Young Artists Concert in Mill Valley, California
2009 - La Campanella .... Liszt

Takatoki Migimatsu is a high school junior at The Branson School, Ross, CA.
He is a talented pianist, artist, athlete, scientist, and leader of charity group.

At Branson he participates in the Chamber Music Performance Seminar class.
In 2010 the beginning of his junior year he founded Vivace a high school charity group that performs classical music for the local elderly and raises money for children's organizations.
Toki's community activities began as early as age of 10. His first piano concert for the elderly was in 2004 at The Tamalpais, Greenbrae, CA.
In sixth grade, he also started volunteering to serve foods for shelter people at St. Vincent de Paul in San Rafael, CA.
Takatoki and his Vivace group are currently scheduling fundraising concerts for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief.
Takatoki also loves sports. He runs as fast as 12.4 seconds for 100m and 25.5 seconds for 200m.
In swimming, though he has never timed, his breaststroke and butterfly (dolphin kick) are superb!
Takatoki enjoys playing tennis and downhill skiing during the season.
Takatoki is an artist, too. In fall of 2010, his art work was chosen in art contest for the Branson School's Talent Show 2010, and used for printings and T-shirts. At age 6, Takatoki started making handmade pins shaped in heart, Christmas tree, bird etc., covering with several pieces of colorful handmade Japanese papers. He often sold them in church events. Ten years later, today, there are people still wearing his pins. His artworks in elementary school were often chosen for countywide art contests. Now he designs web pages. He has the skill although art is not his best interest to pursue in future. The interest is science which he has never changed ever since he first mentioned to his parents at 3 years old.